Pie Love: With the Sweetest Owners | Dallas Metro Moms

We caught up with these Dessert Mavens recently! We are excited for you to meet the wonderful and inspiring Owners of Emporium Pies.

There Charming Stores are a lovely reflection of time. Pull up a chair , enjoy a slice and stay a while. Store Locations

We are big fans and we know you will be too.

Jen and Landon, What inspired you to open Emporium

While we didn’t open Emporium Pies ourselves, the journey of taking over the shop from it’s
previous ownership has been a really fun one. We were inspired by the quality of the product, of
course, but also by the hospitality of the team, and the way the guests felt at home in the shops.
Emporium Pies exists to celebrate big and small moments, with really really fine pie.


When you both decided to move forward was there more
fear over excitement or more excitement about jumping
in to pursue this new venture?
The sisters have always been big Emporium Pies fans! Landon even had it as a dessert option
for her wedding celebration. We have photos in the Bishop Arts location from 10 years ago. We
trusted the brand, and trusted it’s founders. It’s been scary in all the ways change can be scary,
but for the most part the excitement of creating and bringing something special to so many
people has been the North Star for us.



Could you share the most rewarding experiences you
have had as Owners? Some of the most rewarding experiences are when the team feels like they have had a big win!
Flavor development, executing new and fun ideas, and carrying out old traditions to a T. We
also LOVE our celebrations of Pi Day (March 14th) and Our birthday weekend (September 1st),
when guests come out in droves to wait in line to try our fan favorites! We celebrate the Fall and
Winter Holidays BIG at EP..with lines winding around each block, and the smell of cinnamon
and other fall spices lingering in the air. It’s SUCH a festive time to be a team member, and a
guest at Emporium Pies.

As Entrepreneurs, what do you wish you had known at
opening? We are constantly learning, I don’t think there’s anything that can prepare you for operating your
own business, but we are lucky enough to have an awesome team and great complimentary
skillsets as leaders to guide us into the future.

What advice would you give to those who find
themselves ready to move forward with their pursuit of a
new Business Launch and Openings? Go for it!! Keep quality and guest experience at the forefront, and prioritize a healthy team culture.

Is there a day off for you both? The pie shop is BUSTLING almost all day long. With bakers arriving at 6am, and the shops
closing down at 11pm..it can add up for some long, but rewarding, days! We like to unwind by
spending time with our families, and beloved pets! You can catch us hanging out in one of the
neighborhoods where we have our shops often, enjoying others creations and hanging out with


When you are baking at the Shop, do you listen to music?
What is on your Playlist currently?
The Pie Palace is always rocking out, and each of their own shops have their individual vibes
which is so fun. The Deep Ellum store loves them some rock music, Bishop Arts and Mckinney
usually keeps up with the latest hits, and you can always find some good easy-to-listen-to music
happening in the Fort Worth location! We like to keep it fresh, and during the holidays YOU
KNOW we have the holiday playlists going!



What is your favorite Pie? Oh man, it’s SO hard to choose! Each season we have a new favorite. For right now (fall)..the
Nutty Honey is amazing! It’s rich and creamy..with just the perfect crunch of Peanuts! The Lord
of the Pies is a fan favorite year round! It takes about 12 hours total from start to finish. A true
labor of love. We also have some big time classics people look forward to like Snowball
(coconut custard pie) and Cloud 9 (butterscotch custard with a brown sugar meringue)


What is upcoming this fall at Emporium Pies? Pie pie and more pie! We serve thousands of customers
throughout the holiday season. It’s always a festive and busy
atmosphere (think Willy Wonka’s factory meets the North
Pole). The smells of fall and winter fill the shops. Don’t forget
to fill out a ‘grateful’ card at one of our shops. Our team hangs
them as garland the month of November. It’s a fun tradition
where we can all be reminded there’s always something to be
grateful for.

Is there a website link for placing an order?