Meet a Mom: Mandy Castillo from Planted Earth | Dallas Metro Moms


Before going through with my business plan I was a high school art teacher. Like most teachers in America, the days were long and much of the work I put into my “passion for teaching” was fruitless.

At that time, social media was booming and I somehow gained a following on my personal account from people who were interested in the food I was cooking. My weekends were saved for adventuring, so during the week, after work, I spent time doing the other thing I loved….making and sharing plant based recipes!
It wasn’t long before I had people requesting meal preps. Finally one summer, while on break, I tried out doing meal preps and it was a huge success! I decided that would be my last year teaching, and I would use that year to develop a business plan in hopes of opening up  shop by the following summer. Not only did running my own business allow me to better manage my time but it also gave me the ability to “work” for something that was appreciated, enjoyed….it was worth it.
I hope to teach my little Autumn that if she is passionate about something and willing to do the work, anything is possible. Starting a business is not just for the privileged and you don’t need that much money. With passion and perseverance and consistency, anything is possible. I hope to teach her that it’s ok to take the roads less traveled. Most importantly, I hope to share with her that in life, memories will always be worth more than any material gains.
For mothers looking to become a full time business owner, I say DO IT!
Pay off any huge debts or loans and invest some time and love into something you are passionate about. Don’t be afraid to get out there. Don’t share your plans with too many people, but be prepared to be LOUD as soon as you’ve got something going. Utilize social media. It’s a HUGE tool for success. Lastly, don’t overwhelm yourself. We’re mothers which means we’re most likely running everything at home as well. Take time for yourself and your family, and don’t feel guilty. I LOVE being able to make my own schedule, and so does my family.
As far as apps that have helped me, I would say any business owner needs to have
quickbooks – self employed (for tracking expenses and for tax purposes)
canva – for creating an aesthetically pleasing social media presence (also useful for making bizz cards, flyers, etc.)
payment app – whether you use square, paypal, cashapp, venmo (just be aware of taxes for your state)
Instagram – a MUST for any business owner. Facebook is not as effective at all HOWEVER, if you don’t have a website, having both IG and FB would be helpful (many who are not as into the social media scene have a FB)