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Could you Tell the Community about Arms of Hope?

Arms of Hope is a Christian organization that has pursued serving people and sharing the gospel since 1924. We provide stability and opportunity for single mothers and children in a residential setting. Our mothers come from homeless situations as well as often domestic violence or alcohol/drug addiction. Our program is education first, with all of our moms engaged in trade school, GED study or colleges. While pursuing education Arms of Hope requires case management, counseling, life skills and church attendance. While staying with us, our moms live in duplexes and quadplexes in individual apartment style living. There is also a daycare on campus that non-school age children attend if they are not yet old enough for Boles ISD which is Pre-K through 12th grade next to the campus. It is amazing to see our moms be given opportunities that they might not otherwise have and make the most out of the opportunity for themselves and their families.
What is your Role within the Organization?
Joel Derrough is the Executive Director of Boles Campus. He has worked for Arms of Hope for 12 years. In addition to the organization of campus, he also is the Director of the Together Program for single mothers. His wife Sally works as a counselor with the single moms and children. They live on the campus with their own three children, Isaac, Gabriel and Ada. 
How could People get involved to help?
Our organization relies on the generosity of churches, foundations and individuals to provide care and support for our over 100 moms and children on our campus every day, we appreciate your generous funding. We host individuals and groups for volunteer projects on campus. These can be group or campus funded and are usually based around basic landscaping, lawn care, painting, cleaning or other facilities projects that will benefit the community.
Please share links and contact information where people can reach you ?
If you are interested in volunteering, donating items or funds, please contact our main line 903-224-4900 or our campus minister, Matt Anderson at [email protected]. For more information about Arms of Hope please visit