“Dreams Within Reach” Terry Costa Serving The Community | Dallas Metro Moms

Terry Costa Prom located in Dallas, Texas is not just boutique store known for selling
beautiful dresses for special occasions, they are a part of a bigger community that
serves more to support their people. They not only believe in what’s best for the
customer, but they believe in supporting people through tough times. Terry Costa
understands that everyone deserves something special for milestones, and what better
way celebrate yourself in than a beautiful gown. We talked with Terry Costa’s LaMarcus
Holloway, who currently works there as an Administrative Assistant Buyer, about his role
at Terry Costa and why it is important for them have an important role within the

What is your background with working at Terry Costa and what is your
greatest experience so far?

I’ve been with Terry Costa for almost 9 years. I started out
as a seasonal intern. I love learning new things and there is always something new to
learn here and because of that the job has afforded me the opportunity to visit apparel
markets with our team of talented buyers, and also work personally with customers to
ensure that they have the perfect finishing touches for their fabulous looks.


Why is it important for you to be involved with the community?

We pride ourselves on being of service to our community in a variety of ways. From sponsoring local high
school ads to being a part of every memorable milestone in the lives of young women
from the across metroplex to around the world. One of our company’s core values is
Progression. As our surrounding communities moves forward as a company we want
to move with them.

Is this your first time donating a dress for a cause like this?

Not at all! We have
donated to organizations that provide evening fashions to young ladies that might not be
able to put money into long formal gowns for their proms or other special occasions. We
also offer a work program where young ladies can not only earn a paycheck, but they
can work to earn credits towards their prom dress or homecoming dress. This ties into
another one of our companies core values which is belief: Showing our team and our
community that when you believe in yourself not only can you accomplish your dreams,
but you can also help someone else achieve theirs. Supporting our motto
& Dreams Within Reach.

What is your best approach in keeping clients/customers happy?

We want to make
sure that we service our guests with realistic expectations, then provide them with an
experience and product that goes well beyond what they thought.