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How did the Greyhound Inn come to fruition?
When the Greyhound Bus Station went up for sale, the building was not very appealing; it was
covered in metal sleeves and plaster coverings. However, the now-owner, Andy Bergfeld, had
heard rumors of a beautiful historical building beneath the facade. Upon inspection, he
discovered the original brick facade adorned with Art Deco embellishments hidden beneath the
metal and plaster. With a vision of bringing more lodging to the downtown area and recognizing
the potential of the apartment layout upstairs, he set out to transform the building into the
Greyhound Inn.

The Aesthetic both Exterior and Interior are very unique and beautiful. Who came up with the
Concept and Style?
Andy, has a deep respect for history and a love for historical buildings. He wanted to renovate
the building while preserving as much historical integrity as possible. He partnered with interior
designer Stephanie Vasso to decorate the rooms and graphic designer Brad Wofford to help
with the design and create the beautiful neon sign you see on the building’s exterior.

How does each Room stand out from each other?
Each room is decorated and laid out uniquely, ensuring no two rooms are alike! Upstairs, you
will find several Art Deco-era rooms that were originally apartments in the 1930s, as well as a
couple of rooms added in the late 1940s with a mid-century feel. The downstairs rooms are
newer additions, designed to maintain as many historical details as possible.

Would you share a brief background of the Greyhound Inn?
Originally erected in 1932 by local businessman John L. Campbell, the Greyhound Inn building
served as a hub for street-level retail and second-floor apartments. Over the years, it underwent
significant transformations. Notably, in the 1940s, it became the Dixie-Sunshine-Trailways bus
station and later transitioned into the Greyhound Bus Station, serving this role until 2019 when
the building was sold.

What does the Greyhound Inn mean to you and to the Community?
We see the Greyhound Inn as a symbol of revitalization and cultural enrichment. By reclaiming
Tyler’s past, this project fosters a sense of pride and identity, preserving a tangible link to our
history. It also breathes new life into downtown Tyler, attracting visitors and boosting the local
economy. Guests often share touching stories of family members who passed through its doors
from 1946 to 2019, adding to our shared memories.


About the Greyhound Inn

 The Greyhound Inn in Tyler, Texas, stands as a charming testament to the town’s rich history and hospitality. Nestled amidst the quaint streets of Tyler, this inn exudes a warm, welcoming atmosphere that beckons travelers and locals alike. The Greyhound Inn has undergone several renovations over the years, blending its historic charm with modern comforts. The inn’s exterior showcases classic architecture, while the interior boasts cozy accommodations adorned with tasteful décor and thoughtful amenities. Visitors can unwind in spacious rooms designed for comfort, complete with plush bedding and elegant furnishings. The Greyhound Inn also offers a variety of services to enhance guests’ experiences, including a continental breakfast to start the day right. Whether exploring Tyler’s local attractions or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, the Greyhound Inn provides a delightful haven, promising a memorable stay steeped in southern hospitality and charm.
On the Road and Need a Stay to feel like Home

For those seeking a bit more space or amenities, the Greyhound Inn offers suites that provide additional comfort and luxury. Suites may include separate living areas with sofa beds, perfect for families or guests who desire extra room to spread out. Some suites also feature kitchenettes or mini-fridges, adding convenience for longer stays or guests who prefer to prepare light meals in their room.

Regardless of the room type chosen, guests at the Greyhound Inn can expect a clean and well-maintained environment, with attention to detail in decor and furnishings that reflect the inn’s historic charm. The rooms and suites are designed to create a welcoming atmosphere, making guests feel at home while they explore Taylor and its surrounding attractions.

Moreover, the Greyhound Inn prides itself on providing excellent service, ensuring that guests’ needs are met promptly and professionally. Whether travelers are visiting for business, leisure, or a family vacation, the variety and quality of rooms and suites at the Greyhound Inn make it a standout choice for accommodation in Tyler, Texas.

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