Meet a Mom: Shazi Visram of HealthyBaby | Dallas Metro Moms

Why do you think the HealthyBaby diapers especially have resonated so well with parents?
The diaper is the ultimate symbol of cradling a baby’s body. It’s the first product that touches your babies body for the three years as their brains are developing up to 85% That happens to coincide with the actual window of development, so why not pair diapers with the insights that we’ve learned along the way, like exercises to cross the midline or how creeping and crawling is so important for brain development and how to encourage more? It was an “aha” moment.

We had to make sure that the diapers themselves are the highest quality in the world. The amount of greenwashing in the diaper industry makes me sick after reading the ANSES report disclosing the different chemicals typically found, and the potential harm to human health. I was pretty shocked that there was no standard regulation for the safety of diapers in the US. Actually menstrual pads, and even incontinent diapers for adults are regulated as a medical device, but diapers are not! But diapers are touching our babies for almost 2 million minutes of their lives and it’s the first 2 million foundational minutes.

We saw a path to make a diaper that is transparent and meets a standard set by the EWG (Environmental Working Group). It took three years and to this day we are the only of 17 brands who have tried to meet the standard. We are the only brand that discloses every single ingredient on pack.

They’re also made in Europe, which, if you followed the infant formula struggles of the past couple of years, we found that European standards are far, far higher than anything that might exist in the US. Honestly, nobody expects to have hundreds and hundreds of chemicals inside their baby’s diaper while their bodies and brains are developing as well as their reproductive systems. We don’t use a urine strip; it’s not worth it. We also have such a low instance of diaper rash among our babies and I’m certain it’s due to the absence of these irritants .

Amazing! What are your other bestsellers?
Our pull-up style pants are among our best sellers and size as early as size 3, and go up to much larger sizes as we know every child is on their own journey. They are so, so soft and sensory-friendly with the seams on the outside, plus very absorbent and make for a great overnight diaper. My son had pretty severe sensory challenges with his autism, and I’ve learned so much about creating products that calm the nervous system. Softness and snug compression are a big part of that.

I really like our wipes too! They’re just a touch larger. they’re embossed, and they’re 100% biodegradable made of plants and water. You can do more with less if you try to just use one wipe for a change, assuming it’s not a massive blowout!

Anything else you’d like to share?
Well, my favorite product that I’ve ever made in my entire life (which says a lot!) is our prenatal regime. I’ve never been more proud of offering something to new mothers, that I truly believe can dramatically impact health during pregnancy their babies nutritional needs to create resilient brains and bodies, and for Mom’s health to be replenished after they give birth.

To truly impact health, I know we should be supporting moms at the inception of life. It’s our Northstar.


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